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  • Jason Farr

COVID-19's Effect On Upcoming Festivals

Updated: Mar 17

There are a number of festivals planned for March and April that have either cancelled or postponed their fests. You can find a list of them below.

The decision to cancel or postpone a festival does not come lightly and it is heartbreaking for the theaters and producers who come to these decisions.

When things reopen, be sure to support them.


LaughFest (now) Last 3 days cancelled (consider donating to their fundraiser)

Burning Bridges Festival March 19-22: Postponed

Dallas Comedy Festival March 24-28: Postponed

Bird City Comedy Festival March 26-28: Postponed

Orange County Improv Festival March 26-28

Tel Aviv Improv Festival April 1-4: Postponed

Memphis Comedy Festival April 2-5 Postponed

Hartford Improv Festival April 2-5: Cancelled

Westside Comedy's 9th Annual Showdown April 7-11: Currently suspended operations

Phoenix Improv Festival April 16-18: Postponed

Laughing Skull Comedy Fest April 23-26: Indefinitely postponed


NC Comedy Festival Now Taking Place Summer 2020

Alaska B4UDie Comedy Fest Hope To Reschedule for the Fall

Treefort Music Fest Now Taking Place September 23-27

NYC Improv Festivale March 19-21: Rescheduling (dates TBD)

Still On (but monitoring the situation)

Logan Square Improv Festival April 16-18

Cannabis Comedy Festival April 17-18

Auckland Improv Festival April 17-26

Meadowlands Comedy Festival April 21-26

Lady Laughs Comedy Festival April 22-25

Winnipeg Comedy Festival April 25-May 2

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