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In our culture we've set people in the entertainment industry up for failure. We have this ridiculous notion that if someone is not anywhere between being very successful to the most successful then they are failures.

This is stupid.

Everyone has heard celebrities tell stories about how when they were an aspiring actress, or singer, or comedian someone told them, "You'll never make it. You'll never be a big star." No other industry works this way. If someone says they want to be a doctor no one says to them, "You'll never make it. You'll never be a Dr. Sanjay Gupta." It's hard to be successful at anything, so why is there only this ridiculously high standard for the entertainment industry?

There are plenty of ways to be successful in the entertainment industry. Many people have a different standard. Some think it means being world famous. Some think you have to making a living to call yourself a comedian. Others think they're a comedian cause they did an open mic this one time.

Why does someone have to have a highly uncommon level of success in order to be taken seriously? Why do we make people feel like it's pointless to pursue what they love simply because we don't think they'd have the most success?

If you are pursuing comedy do not fret. Just figure out what YOU want out of it. And there are many valid outcomes.

3 Completely Legitimate Pursuits in Pursuing Comedy:

  1. Hobby This is totally legit. You don't have to want any more than just blowing off some steam after work a couple nights of week. The success is you getting up on stage and having some fun.

  2. Side Job Maybe you've been doing mics for awhile and you've established yourself enough to get a couple of paid gigs here and there. Cool! Good for you! You don't have to want more than that because that's still something. Plenty of people have side jobs. This could either be like being an Uber driver or like an organization you work with and get a small stipend for. It's fine. So long as you're having fun when you get up on stage!

  3. Career You want a career in comedy. You want to make a living from comedy. Whether you're writing, doing stand up, performing a one-person show, or making online videos this is totally fine if you want it.

There are plenty of people who are working in the industry who aren't famous. Don't let anyone tell you that you have to be just to do it. That's nonsense. There are business owners all over any town and none of them have to be as well known as Sir Richard Branson to do it. Fame and wild success are just not necessary. Don't let anyone hold you up to that stupid standard.

Do what you love and love it whenever you get to do it!

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