• Jason Farr

Douglas Widick

Today's episode has none other than NYC actor and comedian Douglas Widick! He's known for the fantastic musical sketch group Pop Roulette, popular Hip Hop improv troupe North Coast, and the acclaimed UCB theatre.

Douglas is an excellent performer involved with some very successful shows. We talk about how one prepares themselves and their cohorts to put on such remarkable shows. It's a great talk, give it a listen on iTunes or SoundCloud!

In the meantime why don't you head on over to Twitter and follow Doug and his work:

Douglas: www.DouglasWidick.com, @dwidick

Pop Roulette: http://www.poproulettecomedy.com/, @poproulette

North Coast: www.NorthCoastNYC.com, @NorthCoastNYC

Don't forget to follow the podcast on Twitter: @ThereItIsPod.

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