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Greg Tavares

Updated: Jun 17

Today's episode is with improviser, actor, and co-founder of Theatre 99 in Charleston, SC, Greg Tavares!

In this episode Jason talks to Greg about many things improv! They get into a fun and deep discussion about coaching at Theatre 99, having integrity as a performer, and continuing to grow and learn as an artist. It's a great talk! Give it a listen on iTunes or SoundCloud!

Greg performs regularly at Theatre 99 in various shows including company staple, The Have Nots. Find out what shows are coming up at http://theatre99.com/!

I highly suggest you read Greg's book, Improv For Everyone, which you can buy on Amazon!

Follow the theatre on Twitter: @Theatre_99 and on Instagram, @Theatre99!

Follow the There It Is Podcast and Jason on Twitter, too: @ThereItIsPod and @JasonFarrJokes

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