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Joe Toplyn

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

We had the pleasure of speaking to, Joe Toplyn, former head writer for both the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the Late Show with David Letterman!

Joe Toplyn started out as a staff writer for Late Night with David Letterman and, at one point, wrote for the hit sketch show In Living Color! Jason and Joe talk about what it was like in the early days of Late Night, working on all of the major shows he worked on including his time at In Living Color and Monk, as well as how to create comedy for these various types of shows.

It's a great talk for anyone who wants to further their career in comedy or simply create better work!

Listen on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube, and SoundCloud!

Joe also wrote a book titled "Comedy Writing for Late-Night TV," and it can be bought on Amazon!

Check out to read his very insightful blogs.

Twitter: @JoeToplyn, @ThereItIsPod, @JasonFarrJokes

Instagram: @ThereItIsPod, @JasonFarrPics

Facebook: @ThereItIsPod

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