• Jason Farr

Charna Halpern

Today's episode is with the legendary Charna Halpern! Ms. Halpern is the founder and director of the iO Theater in Chicago and co-created the Harold, which is the basis of what is known as long form improv. She has guided the talents of many comedy greats like Tina Fey, Chris Farley, and many many more!

Charna Halpern

Jason talks with her about a range of topics in regards to improv from advice for brand new improvisers, to how to truly support others, to running a theater, and how she has played a role in casting your favorite SNL cast members. It's a great chat.

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iO has theaters in Chicago and LA. You can find out about them at http://ioimprov.com/chicago/ and http://ioimprov.com/west/.

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