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Hella Interesting Folks

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

This special episode is a panel discussion from the Greenville Comedy Marathon with some "hella interesting folks" from the Greenville, SC comedy scene that was moderated by Harrison Brookie, the Artistic Director of the Alchemy Comedy Theater. Special thanks to Jason Underwood for helping prepare this episode.

On the panel were Todd Janssen, Traysie Amick, Meg Pierson, Tom Emmons, and Carrie Adams!

Harrison Brookie, Meg Pierson, Todd Janssen, Tom Emmons, Traysie Amick, Carrie Adams

It was a super fun episode that not only covers all of the comedy theater in Greenville, SC, but also insight into what it takes to start and be a part of a comedy and/or theater community. Each person on the panel represented a different aspect of the Greenville Comedy and Theater scene. You can find out all about the organizations and companies below!

Meg Pierson: Alchemy Comedy

Carrie Adams: Groovy Tuesday, her book RUTHLESS

Facebook: @ThereItIsPod

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