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Rick Andrews

Updated: May 11

We speak with improviser and instructor from New York City's Magnet Theatre, Rick Andrews!

Rick Andrews Photo Credit Kevin Patrick Robbins

Jason and Rick have a really great talk about many things improv! It gets nerdy. If you're an instructor or coach you'll hear a ton about how to approach running a class or practice and not being "the star of the workshop." There's also some talk in there about how the famed Armando Diaz is as an instructor. Plenty of talk about how to reach the players you teach or coach and get them to be more free.

If you're a performer you will get a lot out of the discussion about what to focus on in different styles of play or in grounded scenes. Rick also discusses his approach to his performance in the duo he does with Louis Kornfeld, Kornfeld and Andrews. There is also talk about the differences between different schools of thought within improv. Respect is given to other styles, but there are differences of opinion and everyone needs to be okay with that. Rick is a wealth of knowledge and understanding, so this is worth a listen!

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