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Brandy Sullivan

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

In this episode, Jason talks to improviser and co-founder of Charleston, SC's Theatre 99, Brandy Sullivan!

Brandy Sullivan (with Greg Tavares)

Jason and Brandy talk about her history in and approach to improv, ways to focus while performing, coach performers, and how to get invested or vulnerable in a scene! The convo spans a lot of improv talk. You can learn so much from this as an improviser, including discussion about the mindset one should have in getting better and knowing their responsibilities. If you are a part of any theater this is going to be a good listen for you to learn from. You can also learn a lot from this talk even if you aren't a performer and instead are a leader because, as a co-founder and part of the artistic voice of Theatre 99, Brandy has a leadership position. Take it in! Brandy is a delight!

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