• Jason Farr

Molly Gaebe

Today's episode is with UCB improviser extraordinaire, Molly Gaebe!

Molly is a dynamic improviser who performs on the UCB Harold team "Women and Men" and a sketch team called "Buzz Off, Lucille." She's pretty impressive! Jason picks Molly's brain about how she approaches the beats of a Harold. They also talk about how Molly approaches performance in general. Molly also shares her motivation for what improv theater to join. Hint: CUTE BOYS!

If the Harold is a form of improv that you've struggled with, you will gain a lot from checking out this talk as UCB has a very clear vision on approaching scene work. Molly is performing on a unique show tomorrow night (November 30th) called Night Late at the UCB! Check it out:


Listen to the episode on iTunes or SoundCloud!

For more on Molly, check out her UCB profile:


Twitter: @MollyGaebe, @ThereItIsPod, @JasonFarrJokes

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