• Jason Farr

New York City Move

It's a special episode about moving to the greatest city in the world!

Jason and Justina talk about their move to New York! They also talk about the experiences they had involving art and comedy. In the first couple of weeks of living in NYC, Jason and Justina took their first improv class at the Magnet Theater (taught by previous guest Rick Andrews!), Jason doing stand up in Queens, going to the MET, and seeing World renowned improvisers TJ and Dave perform at the Town Hall, which includes a chance meeting with one of Jason's favorite entertainers!

It's an excellent discussion that not only charts their experiences, but gets into the head space of making such a big move. If you're thinking about making a big move to chase your goals and dreams then listen to this episode! It aims to be entertaining and encouraging!

Listen to the episode on iTunes and SoundCloud!

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