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Adam Frucci

Today's guest is the founder of comedy-centric website Splitsider, Adam Frucci.

Adam is also an improviser and started out at UCB in NY in 2005. He also has extensive writing experience having worked as an associate editor at Gizmodo and a senior editor at DVICE before starting Splitsider.

Jason and Adam talk about performing regularly at UCB with the group Airwolf, how to approach improv, writing about comedy, and of course, starting Splitsider in 2009.

It's a really great talk that delves into deeper discussion about topics like how people discuss comedy online and joke theft accusations.

Before that interview Jason talks about a fun experience seeing episode 2 guest Cory Cavin's show, Great Times with Cory and Kevin.

Give it a listen on iTunes or SoundCloud!

Find More Online:

Twitter: @Splitsider, @ThereItIsPod, @JasonFarrJokes

Facebook: @Splitsider, @ThereItIsPod

Mentioned at the beginning of the episode was the organization to stop human trafficking, NOMI. Find out more at

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