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Kristina Grosspietsch

Today's episode is with improviser and actor out of the Magnet Theater in NYC, Kristina Grosspietsch!

Kristina is a dynamic performer who not only performs improv and acts, but also writes, and is an all around rock star of the stage! Jason and Kristina talk about her time becoming a member of the Magnet Theater. She tells Jason about her time in community theatre back home in Illinois before going to college and to France before realizing how much she missed performing. The pair also talk about performing improv versus acting in scripted work, getting on a sketch team at Magnet, what the "and" part of "yes and" really is, and that one time Kristina was on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? They end on a poignant note before delving into some fun.

Listen to the episode on iTunes and SoundCloud!

Find out more online!

Twitter: @whatagrosspeach, @magnettheater, @thereitispod, @jasonfarrjokes

Facebook: @magnettheater, @thereitispod

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