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Megan Gray

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Magnet Theater improviser and instructor, Megan Gray, talks improv and artistic directing!

Megan has fit a lot of improv in her life and it shows! She's been performing for over a decade and has so many experiences for you to learn from. She's a fun performer who started out at UCB and eventually moved over to Magnet where she has cultivated a great set of improv skills and now she helps cultivate the Magnet community as the artistic director. Jason and Megan have a great talk about what goes in to being the artistic director, her time performing on a cruise ship, how being entertaining is better than trying to be clever, immersing yourself in an improv community, and the importance of diversity in improv. What a wonderful talk about the community improv brings together and celebrates!

Find more online:,

Twitter: @magnettheater, @graymegan, @thereitispod, @jasonfarrjokes

Facebook: @magnettheater, @thereitispod

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