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Niel Brooks

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Today's new episode is the podcast's 50th, and what better guest than the musician who created the music for the podcast, Niel Brooks!

We love this episode! For one, it's the 50th one! Secondly, it's an enjoyable chat. Lastly, there's a fun surprise at the very end! In this episode, Jason and Niel talk about how Niel came up with the music for the theme song, playing music solo or with a band, improvising with a band versus playing written material, playing live, intellectual theft, and they even talk a good bit about comedy before they flat out nerd out about Sting and The Police.

It's a celebration! Even if you're not a musician you can still learn something about creating, performing live, and performing with others. It's a very fun episode.

Give it a listen on iTunes or SoundCloud!

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