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John Brennan

Today's brand spanking new episode is with John Brennan! No. Not former CIA Director testifying to the House Intelligence Committee, John Brennan. The funny one who is an actor and improviser!

John has been through the improv scenes of NYC, Chicago, and Charleston, SC. He and Jason talk a lot about improv, why they're passionate about it, and how they approach it. They also talk about acting, being prepared to perform, and professional etiquette on sets. John goes into detail about his life and what he's doing now since moving to Savannah, GA. He's been putting together shows with Front Porch Improv and how they are moving forward with that!

Great episode for anyone who is trying to figure out how to hustle in the entertainment industry or any industry. This podcast exists for people to learn about their craft and how to progress in their careers and personal lives. I think you gain inspiration towards that from this episode.

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