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Abbi Crutchfield

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Today's superb episode is with Actor, Comedian, Writer - general wonder of all trades, Abbi Crutchfield!

Jason has a great talk with Abbi that covers a lot because she is doing a lot! Abbi, an alum of UCB, has been on UCB Comedy Originals, Broad City, MTV, Vh1, has appeared in national commercials, and she co-hosts “You Can Do Better” on TruTV. Abbi also contributes to some e cards and started a stand up show here in Brooklyn called "The Living Room Show." Their conversation covers performing live shows, approaching a career, and much more (including their brain fart on what that one movie is with Miles Teller). It's a great chat for anyone who does a variety of things. Abbi brings the enthusiasm and wisdom you need right now! Give it a listen!

Find More Online:

Twitter: @CurlyComedy, @ThereItIsPod, @JasonFarrJokes

Facebook: @AbbiCrutchfield, @ThereItIsPod, @LivingRoomShow

Instagram: @CurlyComedy, @ThereItIsPod, @JasonFarrPics

YouTube: @CurlyComedy, @ThereItIs

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