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Elana Fishbein & Elena Skopetos

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

This fun episode is with amazing actors and improvisers, Elana Fishbein and Elena Skopetos of NYC.

Elena Skopetos and Elana Fishbein performing at the Magnet Theater in NYC

As well as being a performer Elana is an instructor at the Magnet Theater. She has appeared on The Truth Podcast, BBC America’s Almost Royal, and Absolutely Mindy! on SiriusXM Radio and performs all over in various productions. Elena acts, writes, and performs in NYC and has performed in sketch and improv festivals across the country.

They both have the distinction of being pretty awesome. They developed the play "Sisters Three," a New York Times Critics Pick, with director Peter McNerney. Elana and Elena talk at length with Jason about the phenomenal show and how it came to fruition. They also talk about coaching and improv technique. There are a lot of nuggets of wisdom in this episode with plenty of laughs. Get thee to a haberdashery!

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