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Daralyn Kelleher

Today's episode is with actress and comedian, Daralyn Kelleher!

Daralyn is working in Los Angeles, but she spent time in comedy in Boston and New York City (where she spent a little bit of time studying at UCB ). She talks with Jason about her time starting out in comedy before delving into running several shows in the NYC area, how to get a show up and running at a venue, finding your voice in comedy, creating work and approaching comedy on Twitter versus Stand up! There's also some good side chatter about what you shouldn't believe on Instagram. It's a great talk with a lot of good advice.

Never fear, and if you do, just put those jokes on Twitter! You'll get that when you hear the episode.

You can listen to the episode on iTunes or SoundCloud!

Look her up on YouTube

Twitter: @deekizzle, @thereitispod, @jasonfarrjokes

Instagram: @daralynthegreat, @jasonfarrpics

Facebook: @thereitispod

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