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Lace Larrabee

Updated: May 26, 2022

Today's super stellar guest is Atlanta comedian and actor, Lace Larrabee!

Lace is a Feminist rock star blowing up in the Atl comedy scene. She regularly appears on Fox network programs like PUNCHLINE, has been on Viceland's Flophouse, tours the country doing stand up, and has made a lot of noise (specifically laughter) at comedy festivals from all over like Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, She Dot Comedy Festival in Toronto, the She Devil Comedy Festival, and more! Jason and Lace have an invigorating and thoughtful discussion about comedy, misogyny, racism, and all sorts of things along those lines that people face in the entertainment industry. It's a great discussion!

Facebook: @lacelarrabeecomedy, @thereitispod

Twitter: @lacelarrabee, @thereitispod, @jasonfarrjokes

Instagram: @lacelarrabee, @thereitispod, @jasonfarrpics

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