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Comedy Festivals Episode

Today's episode is all about upcoming Comedy Festivals! Festivals you can submit to and/or go see! To get a little insight on each festival Jason talked to organizers and executive producers of 5 different festivals. Listen in as they go in depth on why the festivals were started and how to submit! There's also mention of a really great improv resource!

Jason talks to old friends Harrison Brookie and Alrinthea Carter of the Alchemy Comedy Theater in Greenville, SC where the New South Comedy Fest is put on and Greg Tavares of Theatre 99 where the Charleston Comedy Festival is put on. Jason also chats with new friends of the show Justin Lukasewicz of the Tucson Improv Movement and organizer of the Tucson Comedy Arts Festival, Jill Valentine of Stage773 and executive director of the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival and the Chicago Women's Funny Festival, and executive producer of the Westside Comedy Festival, Nick Armstrong. Links below for all of these theaters and festivals!

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Alchemy Comedy Theater

New South Comedy Festival -

Theatre 99

Charleston Comedy Festival -

Tucson Improv Movement

Tucson Comedy Arts Festival -

Stage 773

The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival -

The Chicago Women's Funny Festival -

Westide Comedy Theater

The Westside Comedy Festival II -

Find so much about improv festivals and more at

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