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Jess Salomon

Today's guest is NYC-based stand up comedian, Jess Salomon!

You may have seen Jess on the Tonight Show recently, but previous to that you may have seen her at Just For Laughs, the San Francisco Sketchfest, or practicing U.N. war crimes law. Seriously! Jess tells Jason what it was like to go from practicing law to performing comedy and the small overlap in skills, moving to America from Canada, what happens to your confidence when you make a big life change, if comedy can still save the republic, how she approaches doing comedy and having a message, the comedy she does with her wife Eman El-Husseini, and working on the sketch show Baroness Von Sketch! It's a great chat.

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Twitter: @Jess_Salomon, @TheElSalomons

Instagram: @Jess_Salomon, @TheElSalomons

Facebook: @ThereItIsPod

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