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7th Anniversary Episode

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

7 years!? We did it! Drop the confetti!!

As of 2023, the There It Is Podcast has been on for 7 years!

We're so thrilled to have reached this milestone. Due to our being so inspired by Prince, 7 years is an extra special anniversary to celebrate! In this special episode, Jason listens to some messages from friends of the show congratulating us for 7 years of doing the podcast. Happy Anniversary!

This episode features previous guests from these episodes:

Hannah Rae Aslesen: Ep. No. 214, Ep. No. 305

Brian James O'Connell: Ep. No. 29, Ep. No. 140, Ep. No. 216

Armando Diaz: Ep. No. 128

Fred Chong Rutherford: Ep. No. 197

Dr. Andy Roark: Ep. No. 73

Luke Thayer: Ep. No. 290

Greg Tavares: Ep. No. 9

Xave Padin: Ep. No. 117

Elana Fishbein: Ep. No. 60

Mark Kendall: Ep. No. 30

Harrison Brookie: Ep. No. 17, Ep. No. 24

Nicole Pascaretta: Ep. No. 179

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