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Alex & Madelaine Grindeland

We talk to performers and founders of First Coast Comedy, Alex and Madelaine Grindeland!

Alex Grindeland, Madelaine Grindeland, First Coast Comedy

Alex and Madelaine bring a whole new meaning to the term "power couple," Alex and Madelaine do improv, run a comedy theater and festival together, and wrestle. Yes, they are improvisers AND pro wrestlers! They both have unique backgrounds and Jason talks to them about it all. Alex and Madelaine talk about their theater background, how they got into improv, doing short form improv at Comedy Sportz in Seattle (CSz), what make them fall in love with pro wrestling, what made them want to start wrestling, Madelaine's training at the Nighttime Factory in Atlanta, the many parallels between improv and wrestling and how one has helped them be better at the other, how doing less is crucial sometimes in improv and wrestling, and much more! It's a bone crushingly good chat!

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