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Brian James O'Connell Returns Again...Again!

Improv extraordinaire Brian James O'Connell makes his 4th appearance again.

Brian James O'Connell

Going for the podcast's 5-timers club, BOC returns to talk all things art and improv with Jason. After catching up we hear a little more insight into Brian's early time in improv and his approach, why he thinks of him less of a teacher and more of a librarian, his All Improv guide which is a beast that he keeps updating for you (for you), makes some excellent comparisons to music, whether there's concern for improv becoming homogenized, the state of improv, this awesome "Rust Belt" tour he's going on, and much more! Always a great chat with BOC!

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29. Feb.

j'aime bien ce que ce monsieur fait. recevez tous mes encouragements Mr brian

olumiant et prise de poids

Gefällt mir
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