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Camille Theobald

In this episode we talked to NYC performer, Camille Theobald!

Jason kicks off the episode with some positivity before you hear his delightful chat with Camille! Then, after talking about how bad articles on websites that churn out pieces are Camille tells Jason about how she switched up her direction in theater after being told she should do comedy, what it was like to start focusing on comedy, going from musical theater to comedy, dealing with regrets, learning new skills like making video sketches, hitting the comedy club scene, being in a Keith Urban guitar promo, and more!

Keep up with Camille on her website:

Instagram: @camillecomedy, @ThereItIsPod, @JasonFarrPics

Twitter: @camltheo, @ThereItIsPod, @JasonFarrJokes

Facebook: @ThereItIsPod

Twitch: @JasonFarrTwitches

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