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Every Comedy Festival With Open Submissions in December

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

We combed the internet for comedy festivals that have open submissions during the month of December so you don't have to! We have improv, stand-up, sketch and more covered below! Just click the names of the festivals to follow their link!

While we share this info for free, if you feel like putting something "in the tip jar," be our guest.

If your fest isn't mentioned, please let us know all of the details (in the format we have things listed below).


Alaska B4UDie Fest - Deadline Dec. 1st (show dates Apr. 3-9)

World Series of Comedy - Early Bird ends Dec. 31st (various show dates throughout Feb.-July)

Flagship City Comedy Fest - Cheaper Fee ends Jan. 1st, overall Jan. 15th (show dates Apr. 27-30)

SLO Comedy Festival - Deadline Jan. 6th (show dates Feb. 23-26)

Boston Comedy Festival - Early Bird ends Jan. 20th, overall Feb. 10th (show dates May 14-20)

LGBTLOL Queer Comedy Fest - Deadline Feb. 1st (show dates June 1-4)

Vail Comedy Festival - Deadline Feb. 13th (show dates May 26-28)

Meadowlands Comedy Festival - Deadline Feb. 28th (show dates April 2023)

Funnyfest Calgary Comedy Competition - Deadline Apr. 1st (who dates in April 20-29)

Stand-Up/Themed Show

Glasgow International Comedy Festival - Deadline Dec. 16th (show dates March 15-Apr. 2)

Stand-Up/Stand-Up Specials/Sketch, Short, & Animated Film/Music Video

Laugh After Dark ComedyFest - Standard Fee ends Apr. 30th, overall June 30th (show dates Oct. 1-5)

Sketch/Feature, Short, & Animated Short Film/Web Series/TV Pilot/Music Video

LA Comedy FilmFest - Deadline Feb. 3rd (show dates April 13-23)

Feature & Short Film/Podcast

Tribeca Festival - Feature: Official deadline Dec. 7th, overall Jan. 18th

Short & Podcast: Late Bird ends Jan. 11th, overall Feb. 22nd (dates June 7-18)


Perth Comedy Festival - Deadline Dec. 7th (show dates April 24 - May 21)

Fringe World Festival - Check Event Reg. Pack for date details (show dates Jan. 20-Feb. 19)

Brisbane Comedy Festival - Check Artist Information Kit for details (show dates April 28 - May 28)

Bath Fringe Festival - They look for talent from Dec. to Feb. (show dates to come)

Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Check details for November to April (show dates Aug. 4-28)


Big Pine Festival - Deadline dates coming soon (show dates Sept. 28-30)


ComedyFort - Deadline Dec. 12th (show dates May 25-26)


National College Comedy Festival - Deadline Dec. 13th (show dates Feb. 10-11)


Ocean State Improv Festival - Deadline Dec. 31st (show dates June 7-10)

Mt. Olymprov Festival - Deadline Jan. 10th (show dates May 30-June 3)Happy Valley XL Improv Festival - Deadline Jan. 31st (show dates May 18-21)

Twin Cities Improv Festival - Deadline Feb. 28th (show dates June 21-25)

To receive reminders for when festival submissions close subscribe to our newsletter which will mention those details and more every Monday! It's also free! Wee!

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