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Every Comedy Festival With Open Submissions in October

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Comedy Festival Submissions, October

We combed the internet for comedy festivals that have open submissions during the month of October so you don't have to! We have improv, stand-up, sketch and more covered below! Just click the names of the festivals to follow their link! We'll be updating throughout the month as new info comes in so be sure to check back!


Halifax Comedy Festival - Deadline Oct. 1st (show dates April 24-28)

The Ladies Room Comedy Festival - Extended to Oct. 6th (show dates Nov. 17-19)

West End Comedy Festival - Deadline Oct. 15th (show dates Feb. 2-4)

Good Karma Mid-Atlantic Comedy Festival - Deadline Oct. 20th (show dates Feb. 23-29)

Winnipeg Comedy Festival - Deadline Oct. 31st (show dates Apr. 30 - May 5)

Vail Comedy Festival - Early Bird Ends Oct. 31st, overall Feb. 15th (show dates May 24-26)

CloudTop Comedy Festival - Deadline Nov. 1st (show dates May 9-11, 2024)

SNO Jam Comedy Festival (Their Final One) - Deadline Nov. 15th (show dates Jan. 18-21)

NW Black Comedy Festival - Deadline Nov. 24th (show dates Feb. 15-18)

P3 Comedy Fest - Early Bird ends Nov. 30th, overall Jan. 10th (show dates May 24-26)

Seattle International Comedy Competition - Submissions close when the field is chosen (show dates Nov. 1-26)

Black Women in Comedy Laff Fest - Opening after Veterans Day (show dates June 19-23)

Alaska B4UDie Festival - Deadline Dec. 1st (show dates Apr. 1-7)

Flagship City Comedy Fest - Early Bird ends Dec. 1st, overall Jan. 15th (show dates Apr. 25-28)

SLO Comedy Festival - Deadline Jan. 6th (show dates Feb. 22-25)

FunnyFest Comedy Festival - Deadline Feb. 1 (show dates May 30-June 9, 2024)

Meadowlands Comedy Festival - Deadline end of Feb. (show dates last week of April)


The Riot Comedy Festival - Deadline Oct. 31st (show dates Apr. 4-7)


Chicago Comedy Film Festival - Multiple deadlines, overall Apr. 6th (show date Nov. 9)

Feature & Short Film/Pilot/Audio/XR/Video Games

Tribeca Festival - (Fest dates June 5-16)

Feature and Pilot Early Bird ends Oct. 23rd, overall Jan. 17th

Shorts Early Bird ends Nov. 1, overall Feb. 2nd

XR & Games Early Bird ends Nov. 27th, overall Feb. 13th

Audio Early Bird ends Nov. 27th, overall Feb. 21st

Stand-Up/Short Film/Variety

Ha Ha Harvest - Deadline Oct. 11th (show dates Nov. 26-28)


Fringe World - Can register up to the festival season (show dates Jan. 19 - Feb. 18)

Adelaide Fringe Festival - Check their resources for important info and dates (show dates Feb. 16-March 17)

Brighton Fringe - Early Bird Dec. 4th, overall May 1st (show dates May 3 - June 3)

Stand-Up/Comedy Act

NZ International Comedy Festival - Deadline Oct. 11th (show dates May 5-28)

Stand-Up/Storytelling/Music/Performance Art

Bergamot Comedy Fest - Regular registration ends Oct. 14, overall Nov. 30th (show dates Apr. 1-6)


Hudson Valley Comedy Festival - Early Bird ends Oct. 31st, deadline late Nov. (show dates Jan. 12-14)


Perth Comedy Festival - Deadline Dec. 1st (show dates Apr. 24-May21)

Stand-Up/Improv/Sketch/Alt Comedy

Glasgow International Comedy Festival - Multiple deadlines, overall Feb. 1st (show dates March 13-31st)


D.C. Comedy Festival - Deadline Dec. 31st (show dates Apr. 8-13)

Baton Rouge Improv Festival - Early Bird ends Jan. 1st (show dates Apr. 24-28)


ComedyFort - Deadline Dec. 15th (show dates March 21-24)


Palm Beach Improv Festival - Deadline Oct. 7th (show dates Dec. 15&16)

SAVI Fest - Deadline Oct. 12th (show dates Feb. 16&17)

Wasatch Improv Festival - Deadline Oct. 15th (show dates Jan. 11-13)

Ocean State Improv Festival - Deadline Dec. 31st (show dates June 5-9)

SteelStacks Improv Comedy Festival - Deadline Nov. 10th (show dates Jan. 26&27)

Happy Valley XL Improv Festival - Deadline Jan. 31st (show dates May 2024)

Not Festivals, But Cool!

Writer Residency

Millay Arts Core Residency - Deadline Oct. 2nd

Art Omi Writers Residency - Deadline Oct. 15th

Awards Show

All the Laughs Comedy Awards - Early Bird ends Feb. 1st

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