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Every Comedy Festival With Open Submissions in September

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

We combed the internet for comedy festivals that have open submissions during the month of September so you don't have to! We have improv, stand-up, sketch and more covered below! Just click the names of the festivals to follow their link!

COVID-19 is still throwing things off. Some fests that would have info out still don't yet. We'll update as that info rolls out!

Fest dates are for 2021, except where noted.


Boston Comedy Festival - Early Bird ends Sept. 10th overall Sept. 17 (show dates Nov. 9-13)

Seattle International Comedy Competition - Deadline Sept. 15th (show dates Nov. 1-26)

SLO Comedy Festival - Opens Sept. 12 early bird ends Sept. 30th (show dates Feb. 24-27)

P3 Comedy Fest - Deadline Dec. 1st (show dates May 27-29)


New South Comedy Festival - Deadline Sept. 19th (show dates November 4-13)

Stand-Up/Improv/Sketch/Solo/Musical Comedy/Podcast/Short Play/Alternative Act

SF Sketchfest - Deadline Oct. 15th (show dates Jan. 7-23)


Fringe World Festival - Deadline Oct. 19th (show dates Jan. 14-Feb. 13, 2022)

Adelaide Fringe - Deadline Nov. 3rd (show dates Feb. 18-Mar. 20, 2022)

Sketch/Short, Feature, & Animated Short Films/TV Pilot/Music Video

LA Comedy Film Fest - $10 discount ends Sept. 17th overall Nov. 12th (show dates Nov. 11-21)


Palm Beach Improv Festival - Early Bird ends Oct. 1st overall Oct. 15th (show dates Dec. 9-12)

Special Grant Info

Film (65 minutes or longer)

This is a grant that recently opened for an individual woman, non-binary, and/or transgender U.S. filmmaker, age 39 or older, who is working on their first narrative feature.

Lynn Shelton Certain Age Grant - Deadline Sept. 7th

Fests to Keep Up With

  • These festivals have dates but are still determining when to open submissions. We'll be updating you as new info arrives!


Aberdeen International Comedy Festival - No deadline info, but check the link! Sept.-Oct. 2021

Aloha Comedy Festival - (using previous submissions) Show Dates Feb. 24-26, 2022



Improvaganza - Show dates June 2022


We will be keeping up on all festivals that change their plans.

To receive reminders for when festival submissions close subscribe to our newsletter which will mention those details and more every Monday! It's also free! Wee!

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