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Gabe Mollica

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

We talk to comedian, Gabe Mollica, about his solo show, "Solo: A Show About Friendship."

The off-Broadway show started its run in January at the Soho Playhouse. Jason actually saw an early version of the show several years ago. Gabe talks to Jason about how he developed the show in the years since and the surprising things he's had to learn while developing this show. Aside from talking about the show, he also chats about doing musical theater from a very young age, moving to Scotland where he started doing stand-up, what makes Kenan Thompson and Cicely Strong so great at SNL, and being the brother of the wildly talented Kay Mollica.

"Solo" returns for its extended run at the Soho Playhouse on March 23! Click the link below for tickets and use the promo code GABE to save some money.

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