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Jet Eveleth

We had the pleasure of speaking to LA-based performer and director, Jet Eveleth!

Jet Eveleth, There It Is Pod

Jet is an improviser, instructor, and the director of Clown Church and The Highland Park Clowns. Jet talks to Jason about starting out in improv in Boston before going deep into exploring the artform in Chicago at Annoyance, The Second City, and iO where she was on one of the longest running teams, The Reckoning, her brilliant advice on how to find a group to do improv with, why you need to backslide to get better, transcribing TJ & Dave shows and making them plays, her cirque show Absinthe, and much more!

Find out about Jet's monthly classes for improv and clown on her website:

Facebook: @ThereItIsPod 

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