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Must-Have Items for Throwing a Party

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Comedians, like misery, love company. While there are a lot of comparisons between comedians and misery, misery doesn't invite friends over for parties, but comedians do. If you want to have a banger of a party, there are a number of items you very likely forgot to grab. So here are 9 things you must have at your next get-together.

Every single party anyone has ever been to has had food, drinks, and a reason to be there. You don't need help with themes or food and drink ideas. Everyone knows they have to order pizza or fire up the grill. You know a Birthday Party needs cake and balloons, but there are simple things that are definitely needed, but not front of brain the way chicken wings or dip at a Super Bowl party are. Things that are not at every party and their absence makes the party worse. So here are some absolute must-haves if you're throwing a party that will make it a success, but have totally slipped your mind.


These are frequently forgotten and that's because it's super easy to take them for granted. Some people just use paper towels (wasteful) or their sleeves (grossful). Paper towels are for spills on the counter while napkins are for spills on your face. They're softer, making them more pleasant to wipe across your mouth. Don't call me OCD. Paper towels have their damn place and it's next to the sink!

Paper Plates/Bowls

This is a paper plate. It doesn't have to look like this.

Ya gotsta have paper plates and bowls. Sure, if you order pizza they can put it on a paper towel, but you made chili. Do NOT try to eat chili from a paper towel. Unfriend anyone who suggests it! Get paper plates and bowls to cover your bases. There are plenty of environmentally-friendly options if you're (rightly) concerned about waste. The great thing about having enough plates is that they are also emotionally-friendly. You get excited for people to try all the food you made, but not having anything for them to eat it off of will send you into a shame spiral. Don't go there!

Go to the dollar store, instead.

Paper Towels in the Bathroom

Don't buy them if they are loose like this. They're probably dirty.

Speaking of paper towels, while many use them as napkins, they oddly don't put paper towels in the bathroom where they are sorely needed! It's overlooked because you have a hand towel in your bathroom leading you into a false sense of being covered on this front. You are not. Think about it, a ton of people are coming over, they all are going to use the bathroom, and they're going to need to dry their hands after they wash them (please, god, make them wash their dirty assed hands). Do you want them all to dry their grubby paws on your hand towels? The correct answer is, "HELL NAW!" Gross right?

Ever grabbed a hand towel to dry your hands only to find that the towel is thoroughly damp? It's not a great experience and you will definitely feel like you just made them dirty again. Especially if the host is one of those people who don't have hand towels in the bathroom and to that we just You're gonna make people use your BATH towel to dry their hands. No, sir. No. Not fun party vibes. This is why you need paper towels in the bathroom. Eliminate grossing your party goers out.

Toilet Paper

While we're in the bathroom, let's talk about TP. Chances are you have enough, but what if you don't AND you're serving chili? (Don't underestimate your desire to have chili at a party) If you bring the red kidney bean goodness to your chili like a good cook, then that bathroom is getting WORKED! Be sure to have enough toilet paper even if your bathroom isn't getting slammed like a buffet at Sunday brunch. You can get the 1-ply stuff if you want, but your friends will judge you.


If you're buying plates you might as well buy forks, spoons, sporks, knives, and the extremely hard to find spoforknife (you can cut soup with it!). People shouldn't eat with their hands at your party unless you only have pizza, chips, and sandwiches. If you have anything that requires utensils, it would be a good idea to have a couple boxes of them.


You don't have to get a bunch of drinks. That's what BYOB is for (don't forget to put that in your invite), but do you have enough disposable cups? You know you don't want to use your glasses. Who wants to do all those dishes? Not you! Nor do you want any of them broken. Though, one enticing benefit of broken glasses is there's less to clean! When you're picking up paper plates, grab some cups!


No ice maker in a home or apartment is making enough ice to fill several cups for every guest throughout the course of an evening. That poor ice maker is gonna die if you try. Go easy on the little fella and pop on over to the store and grab a bag of ice. Maybe do it on your way back from buying paper plates/bowls, cups, and silverware? Consideration: How much space you have in your freezer!? Enough for a big bag of ice? If not, you might need a cooler. You could also just use your sink. Also, don't use a glass as a scooper. It will break and glass and ice look a lot like.

A Space for Shoes

This is for the "no shoes in my apartment" people (welcome, friends). First, you need to either commit to having to clean every inch of your floor if you succumb to letting people keep their shoes on or clear a space outside of your place for people to easily leave their shoes.

A Place for Coats

BONUS: Anything left behind can be donated!

You know to just use your closet or a bed to put people's coats, but do you have enough hangers in your closet? If not, the cheaper and more reasonable option than buying 50 coat hangers you usually won't use is putting people's belongings in a room with a bed or a couch/chair. If you go with the side room option, be sure to clean the space up so their stuff doesn't get mixed up with your stuff. Unless you're trying to create a "leave behind" situation for potential romance. Cooostanza.

The first 7 suggestions are all great tips whether you're the party host or guest! Partygoers can be real heroes by bringing plates, cups, or napkins without being asked! Plus, it easily answers a dying question you always ruminate over for hours before going to a party; "What should I bring?" You always land on food or a board game. Maybe you think of ice. You never think to bring paper plates or napkins in case they need extra, and chances are they will need extra. You'll be appreciated for bringing them. Not in that, "Oh my gosh, THANK YOU!!!" sort of way, but in that quiet, "This guy is taking for granted how nice it is that he can wipe his mouth with that napkin I brought," kind of way. Still, though, you will be a party hero.

You especially need to consider the basics if you're bringing shareable food like a casserole or cake. If you're bringing a cake, bring a knife to cut slices and plates to put them on. You absolutely need to bring these things with you. The host may not be thinking about you surprising them with a cake, so be sure to bring what will definitely be needed. It'll save a good idea from turning into a hassle.

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