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Online Comedy Classes!

Updated: Mar 11

The online comedy class era has boomed over the last few years. Now you can take classes wherever you are in the world no matter what is available in your town.

Online Comedy Courses

During the COVID pandemic, teachers and theaters were feeling the hurt because comedy courses are such a major stream of income. So, the move to teaching online came out of necessity. This was a blessing not only for the instructors and theaters, but for people who want to pursue comedy. Suddenly, where you lived didn't matter and you could study with a famed theater you've secretly wished you could study at.

Even though in-person classes have been back in session for some time now, some places are still offering online courses! You can take these courses to improve your comedy or to simply hone soft skills! It can be for fun or for work! Whatever your reason, you can benefit from taking these renowned classes from anywhere!

Check out the list below of some online comedy classes being offered by a few of America's major theaters:


The Pack: Improv 4 (no pre-requisites required)

The Groundlings: Improv Basics

Moment Improv: Core Classes


Magnet Theater: Solo Show Class


The Pack: Writing a Pilot

Second City: Several Varieties of On-Demand Courses (may have online classes up in the future)


Second City: On-Demand Courses

The PIT: Level 1


The Pack: Character

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Mar 11

Don't sleep on online improv and sketch classes from Will Hines' World's Greatest Improv School (WGIS) and sketch classes from Kim Howard Johnson's Comedy Lab and Marc Warzecha!

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