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Paul Vaillancourt

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

We talked to famed improviser, coach, and author, Paul Vaillancourt!

Jason got to have this great chat with Paul about what set the fire for what he'd spend the rest of his life doing, starting out with improv in California, how books about golf and tennis informed his improv and performance, getting to perform early on, getting involved in the scene in Chicago, what the 90's Chicago improv era was like, learning from Del Close, iO, why he was mad the first time he saw The Family perform, how the "Triangle of the Scene" works, and more!

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PV Improv Tips on Youtube: youtube.com/c/pvimprov

The Triangle of the Scene: https://amzn.to/2KioghM

His FREE Improv eBook: https://mailchi.mp/3a4915dcb396/free-guide-for-improvisers

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