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Philip Markle

Brooklyn Comedy Collective Artistic Director and performer, Philip Markle, joined us for a great talk!

Philip Markle, BCC, Philip Sparkle

Philip Markle has performed all over the place! He studied in Chicago at iO, Second City, and also at The Annoyance which had a huge impact on him. He talks about performing improv on a cruise ship, musical theater and improv, Philip Sparkle, getting burned out and stepping away from running an improv theater for a bit, the heart and purpose behind starting the Brooklyn Comedy Collective, and he shares a lot of wisdom on improv! It's a super fun chat and especially a great listen if you feel stuck in your improv journey.

Listen on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud!

Look up Philip Sparkle on Spotify for his musical comedy

Instagram: @PhilipSparkle, @ComedyBrooklyn, @ThereItIsPod, @JasonFarrPics

TikTok: @PhilipSparkle, @ComedyBrooklyn, @JasonFarrToks

Twitter: @PhilipSparkle, @ComedyBrooklyn, @ThereItIsPod, @JasonFarrJokes

Facebook: @PhilipSparkle, @ThereItIsPod

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