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Pop Talk: Late Night Talk Show Host Bracket Edition

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

In this episode we're joined by Best Friend of the Show Rob and Brother of the Show Trey to talk Late Night Talk Show Hosts and more!

We have a new bracket for you to do! It's of Late Night Comedy Talk Show Hosts! Before they break down the bracket, the fellas talk about the Prince Tribute Show, Quarantine binging, and the talk show hosts doing well with their "At Home" editions. Then they talk about the Late Night Talk Show Hosts bracket, which you can do! It's a fun, nerdy chat! Give it a listen!

Download the bracket, fill it out, and post it online! Tag @ThereItIsPod and use the hashtags #LateNightSmackdown, #NowTheresALateNightHost, and #LateNightandChill.

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