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The Creators of Woe is She

Today's guests are the creators of the web series Woe Is She, director Chelsea B. Lockie and stars Stephanie Fagan and Kathleen Simmonds!

Jason got to sit down with these talented women to talk about the web series and how they developed it. They also chat about where they're from, how they met, Kathleen's trip to this year's Oscars ceremony, film festivals, and there's mention of crustaceans. They give a lot of insight on what goes into making and releasing a web series.

Watch the series on IG, Facebook, Vimeo, (soon on Amazon Prime), and GoIndieTV on ROKU.

Twitter: @WoeIsSheSeries, @ThereItIsPod

Facebook: @WoeIsSheSeries, @ThereItIsPod

Instagram: @WoeIsSheSeries, @ThereItIsPod

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