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Vanessa Marshall

Updated: Aug 7

We got to talk to the amazing actor and voice over talent, Vanessa Marshall!

Vanessa has done a ton of work you have definitely seen and/or heard. From appearing in video games like Metal Gear Solid to playing Mary Jane in The Spectacular Spider-Man to Star Wars' Hera in several projects. She's been doing it all and doing it exceptionally well! Vanessa talks to Jason about her talented family, childhood acting gigs, how storytelling is vital to her, playing iconic characters, appearing in Scrubs, her one person show that led to her getting into voice acting, and much more!

Listen on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube, and SoundCloud!

Twitter: @VanMarshall, @ThereItIsPod, @JasonFarrJokes

Instagram: @vanessamarshall1138, @ThereItIsPod, @JasonFarrPics

Facebook: @vanessamarshallfanpage, @ThereItIsPod

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