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Happy Accidents Episode

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Today's Bob Ross inspired episode is a fun one with girlfriend of the show, Justina!

One of Jason's favorite things is to have Justina around. Another of his favorite things is Bob Ross. Today, it's the best of both worlds! Join Jason and Justina as they talk about a crazy comedy news item about a fight between a stand-up comedian and an audience member, their impression of the critically acclaimed comedy series "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, some other happenings in the comedy world for them, and the reason we're all here today...going to a Bob Ross themed event at a bar where they got to paint along with episodes of the legendary show that made Bob Ross a cultural icon.

Jason and Justina talk about their paintings, which are posted below along with Bob Ross' originals! Check them out while Jason and Justina describe them. It's a hoot.

First, here is the Bob Ross painting we were trying to recreate. "A Walk in the Woods"

Bob Ross's "A Walk in the Woods"

Jason's "A Walk in the Woods."

Jason's Version

Justina's "A Walk in the Woods."

Justina's Version

Great stuff, right? Now on to the second painting! Bob Ross' "Evergreens at Sunset

Jason's "Evergreens at Sunset"

Jason's Version

Justina's "Evergreens at Sunset"

Justina's Version

To hear the episode go to iTunes or SoundCloud!

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