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Greg Tavares Returns!

Improviser and Author, Greg Tavares, returns to the podcast to candidly reflect on his new book!

Greg Tavares, Daddy Issues: How to Stop Worrying and Love Being a Dad

Greg was an early guest on the podcast and is an old friend. He co-founded Theatre 99 in Charleston, SC and is a brilliant artist. He recently released his new book, "Daddy Issues: How to Stop Worrying and Love Being a Dad." Greg and Jason have a thought-provoking and deeply honest talk. Greg shares his unique journey, from resisting societal norms to embracing fatherhood and becoming a loving dad, his insights on creativity, vulnerability, and the emotional core of comedy which offer a fresh perspective on life's complexities. It's a very interesting chat, as chats with Greg always are!

Greg's books are available on his Amazon storefront:

Facebook: @ThereItIsPod

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